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Hosted by Benjamin Goddard, #alwayschildfocused is a fortnightly podcast for parents going through separation. Each episode features discussions with members of the Holding Hands team, previous parents who have used the service and experts in the family law and social work sectors to discuss the journey of separation and its effects on children and families. 

Specifically designed for parents entering the Holding Hands Children Contact Service but useful to any parents going through separation, each week's episode combines real life experiences and expertise with topical discussions about current changes and challenges.

Regular Segments
Girls Having Fun
This Week In the Community
with Service Manager Jakki

Each episode Jakki will invite one of our Contact Workers or a parent on the podcast to discuss a circumstance or event that had a good outcome. Why not start the week with a feel good moment? 

Kids Go Through Separation Too
with Assistant Service Manager Natalie

Drawing on her extensive experience with children in play therapy, Natalie discusses the effects of separation on children and how parents can be more in tune with the children's needs throughout this disruptive time. A definite Must Listen!!

Kids Gardening
Field Hike
What You Are Feeling Is Normal
with our Parent Support Specialists Sam and Nicole 

Sam and Nicole consider the impact of challenges faced by parents going through separation. You may be experiencing a wide range of feelings and emotions and as you’ll soon discover, you’re not alone!  

What I know now.....
some thoughts from past parents. 

As you start your post separation journey, other parents using our service may be transitioning into self-managed visit arrangements. Each episode finishes with some raw reflections looking back down their path. 

Man Looking Out to the Mountains
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